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Office chairs Refurbished

Are you looking for refurbished office chairs? Then you've come to the right page. Within our range we also offer refurbished office chairs. When purchasing a refurbished (mint condition) office chair, you contribute to a sustainable future. We also give a warranty from 12 months on a refurbished office chair and we deliver free of charge throughout the Benelux. If your office chair is at the end of its tether and you want to get rid of it, we will take your office chair back for free or for a fee. It is also possible to repair your chair.

Are you looking for a comfortable and durable office chair without paying the top price? Then consider a refurbished office chair. Refurbished office chairs offer an affordable alternative to new chairs, while still offering high quality and comfort.

What are refurbished office chairs?

Refurbished office chairs are used chairs that have been refurbished to look and function like new. This means that the seats have been fully cleaned, repaired, re-upholstered and re-adjusted to ensure they are in excellent condition. The result is a chair that looks and feels like new, but at a much lower price.


By choosing refurbished office chairs you contribute to a more sustainable world. You give a second life to a chair that might otherwise be thrown away, which contributes to reducing waste. In addition, because the seats are refurbished rather than being produced new, the production of new seats is reduced, resulting in a reduction in CO2 emissions.


An office chair is an important part of your workplace. When you spend long hours at a desk, it's important to be comfortable. Refurbished office chairs offer the same level of comfort as new chairs, so you don't have to compromise on your health and well-being.


One of the main advantages of refurbished office chairs is the price. Refurbished office chairs are significantly less expensive than new chairs, saving you money on your purchase. This makes it easier to buy a high-quality office chair without breaking your budget.


Refurbished office chairs are a durable, comfortable and affordable alternative to new chairs. By choosing refurbished chairs you contribute to a more sustainable world, while still enjoying the same level of comfort and quality as new chairs. In addition, you will save money on your purchase, which is especially useful if you are looking for several chairs for an office or workspace. Consider refurbished office chairs for your next purchase and enjoy the benefits they offer.