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Acoustic Boxes

With us you will find a diverse range of acoustic speakers from the Kubo brand. These boxes are fully modular and provide both interior acoustic insulation and exterior noise reduction in the open office environment. Kubo has a varied selection, ranging from phone booths to full meeting rooms. In addition, all Kubo boxes are delivered within a period of 3-6 weeks and are entirely of Dutch manufacture. The Kubo boxes are fully customizable to your needs.

What are the benefits of acoustic boxes for concentration?

Acoustic boxes are a great solution for improving concentration and productivity. These specially designed boxes offer a number of benefits that can significantly enhance individuals' focus and concentration.

One of the main advantages of acoustic boxes is the ability to provide sound insulation. In a busy office environment, sounds such as telephone conversations, collegiate conversations and background noise can seriously disrupt concentration. Acoustic boxes allow employees to shut themselves off from these distractions and fully focus on their tasks. Due to the sound insulation in the box, disturbing noises can be minimized, resulting in a quieter and more focused workplace.

In addition, acoustic boxes also offer privacy. For tasks that require concentration and focus, such as making important phone calls, preparing reports, or working on complex projects, privacy is essential. With an acoustic box, employees can work undisturbed without worrying about sharing confidential information or being disturbed by prying eyes. This not only promotes concentration, but also efficiency and confidence in performing tasks.

Finally, acoustic boxes provide a flexible working environment. Kubo boxes are modular and adaptable to the user's needs. They can be used as individual workstations, small meeting rooms or even informal meeting places. This versatility allows employees to choose the space that best suits their specific tasks and helps them to concentrate and perform better.