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Alternatives to the Herman Miller Aeron

It is no coincidence that the Herman Miller Aeron is and remains one of the most popular office chairs in the world. This office chair has a unique design that cannot be compared to anything else. The Aeron also has the best build quality of any office chair. While the Herman Miller Aeron is a perfect choice for some people, it won't be a good option for everyone. Many people are looking for alternatives to the Aeron chairs. The following reasons are common: the chair is too pricey, the chair doesn't fit your body, the chair doesn't match your complaints, or whatever the reason is. The office chairs that we offer in this list differ in prices, designs and adjustment options. We hope this article helps you find a good alternative to the Herman Miller Aeron chairs.

Therapod XHR

Our first alternative to the Herman Miller Aeron is the Therapod XHR. This chair has a completely different design than the Aeron, but is comparable in quality and warranty. If the Aeron does not suit your body well and does not solve your complaints, it is important that you understand how to prevent those complaints. This chair has all the adjustment options that a chair can contain. Do you have back problems? This chair has a built-in lumbar support that can be adjusted separately for each part of the back. Are you tall? This chair is standard up to 60 cm high and has a seat depth adjustment of 6 cm. If that is not enough for you, you can custom configure this chair. For whatever purposes, this office chair is always adaptable to you.

Herman Miller Mirra

Our second alternative to the Aeron office chair is the Myrrh. This chair is most comparable to the Aeron and costs a lot less money. One of the great advantages that the Mirra has over the Aeron is the adjustment options. In addition to the adjustment options that the Aeron has, the Mirra also offers you seat depth adjustment, lumbar adjustment, and arm width adjustment.

The office chair does not slide like standard seat depth adjustments, instead it bends and folds the Mirra down to change the depth. The lumbar depth adjustment is also unique. You can turn a knob on each side of your back to increase or decrease the amount of support on that side. The Aeron has a full mesh back, while the Mirra has a 100% polymer back. Polymer is actually hard plastic. While the plastic is hard compared to the mesh, the rear of the Mirra is more flexible than the Aeron's. This makes it easier for you to move around in the Mirra office chair.

Office chair 7678

Our third alternative to the Herman Miller Aeron is office chair 7678. Just like the Aeron, this office chair has a mesh back. This chair differs from the Aeron by its many adjustment options. The chair has front tilt, seat depth adjustment, adjustable armrests and an adjustable backrest. Because of all these adjustment options, this chair is suitable for a wide range of people.

Office chair 711

Our final alternative to the Herman Miller Aeron is office chair 711. This office chair is a good alternative to the Herman Miller Aeron, because this chair offers additional adjustment options that can make the difference between sitting comfortably and not. This office chair has adjustment options such as height-adjustable net-covered back, depth-adjustable lumbar support, ergonomic straight armrests adjustable in height, width and depth, armrests with depth-adjustable wide PU cover with slide, Donati D109 mechanism with automatic weight regulation and a sliding seat 10 cm adjustable.

Problems that can occur with the Aeron

The chair may not be comfortable: We have been selling the Aeron chairs for a while, and notice that one is positive about the chair, and the other is not. There is no middle ground with these chairs.

No seat depth adjustment: The Herman Miller Aeron does not have seat depth adjustment, instead the seats are available in different seat sizes. The problem is that those sizes won't fit every person well, reducing comfort.

No backrest adjustment: The Aeron has no backrest adjustment, so if you are taller you cannot place the backrest at the right height for your back. It is important that the support is supported in the right place.


We are fans of the Herman Miller Aeron chairs. They are one of the best office chairs available on the market. However, these chairs are not comfortable for everyone. If you have a problem with your back, or if your height does not suit the Aeron A, B or C, this chair will not be comfortable for you. We recommend looking at office chairs that meet the NPR 1813 standard. The NPR 1813 standard means that an office chair must meet the strictest requirements and must be fully adjustable in order to experience maximum ergonomics.

With the above alternatives, we hope to help you with a chair that will offer you a lot of comfort and ergonomics in the coming years.