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Are you looking for a sit-stand desk?

Are you looking for a sit stand desk and are you considering purchasing one? Bee you will find an extensive range of sit-stand desks. Choosing a suitable sit-stand desk for you or your staff is an important choice, since a standard office job involves many hours of work behind a desk. Working standing up is becoming more and more common among people in business as well as at home.

Sit stand desk

Sit-stand desks have been around for a while, but only in recent years have we seen an increase in their use. You probably regularly hear that sitting at work is unhealthy. That is also partly true. The biggest problem that causes complaints is the way you work while sitting. As humans, we sometimes spend a little too much time behind our workplaces. The big advantage of a sit-stand desk is that you can work sitting one hour and actively standing the next. With a sit-stand desk you can quickly and easily adjust the height.

Why a sit-stand desk?

As a company, there are several ways of thinking about choosing a sit-stand desk. Height-adjustable workstations are the future of furnishing. In Sweden, more than 70% of workplaces are equipped with height-adjustable desks. In Sweden, they strive to use part of the day effectively in the form of working standing up. Alternating the working posture has good effects on the human body. People can concentrate longer and the risk of physical complaints decreases.

Easily adjustable in height

Sit stand desks are quick and easy to adjust in height, so that you have transformed your workplace into a height-adjustable workplace within a short time. What is the height of a sit-stand desk? The height of the sit-stand desks is on average between 60-130 cm. The exact height is stated in the specifications.

Types of adjustment options

We offer two types of sit-stand desks in our range, namely electrically adjustable and crank adjustable.

What different types of sit-stand desks are there?

We offer several types of sit-stand desks, such as corner, duo, single and pendulum. Via this link you can view our offer.

What is the correct height?

Do you want to set the correct height for your desk? Then put your forearms at a 90 degree angle and then let the bottom of your forearm point towards the floor.

Set up an ergonomic home workplace

Ergonomic working is becoming increasingly important these days. That's not surprising, because we're sitting more and more. Sitting too much and for too long puts a continuous strain on your back. That causes many body complaints. A major advantage of working while standing is that the spine is in a more natural position when standing. Standing too long is also not good, a good variety is important.

How often do you alternate between standing and sitting at work?

There is no data available that requires changing altitude after a certain time. That makes sit stand desks also attractive, because you determine when you work sitting or standing and can easily adjust that. The most important thing is that you assume in the right posture.

Avoids back pain

A good alternation between sitting and standing work appears to be good medicine. With a sit-stand desk, it is recommended to alternate between sitting and standing work about 2 to 6 times a day. You have the ideal height when you can rest your arms relaxed on the table top at an angle of approximately 90°. The ideal height differs per person.


Carrying capacity is especially important with electric sit-stand desks. Electrically adjustable sit-stand desks have a motor in one or both legs. The carrying capacity depends on the power of the motor and is between 50 and 100 kg. If you work with a laptop, the carrying capacity is not an important factor. If you have two screens with a computer on the sit-stand desk or if you use a CPU holder, we recommend a desk with sufficient carrying capacity.


The height of the sit-stand desk affects the stability. The higher the desk, the greater the chance of stability loss. There are 2-stage and 3-stage legs. The 3-stage legs are the most stable. This is because the weight is better distributed.

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