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The Best Home Offices

New generation of sit-stand desks for improved ergonomics while working from home

The era of working from home has been a trend for some time now and many of us have discovered that a comfortable and efficient workspace is essential for maximum productivity. A crucial part of this workplace is the desk where you perform your daily tasks. But which desks are actually suitable for working from home?

What Are The Benefits Of A Standing Desk?

A standing desk is an excellent choice for those looking for variation in posture. These desks are adjustable in height, so you can easily switch from sitting to standing during your working day. Standing while working not only promotes blood circulation, but can also reduce back and neck pain. Choose a model with sufficient work space and storage options.

Buying a sit-stand desk?

For those who want to get the most out of both sitting and standing work, a sit stand desk the ultimate solution. These versatile desks can be easily adjusted to change your working position. This allows you to concentrate on your tasks without worrying about fatigue or a stiff back. We offer these desks with both 1 and 2 motors.

Optimal workplace: Discover our selection of top desks for efficient working from home.

A Spacious Solution

Do you need more work space? A corner desk is a smart choice for home workers who use multiple screens or perform several tasks at once. The corner shape allows you to make optimal use of the available space without compromising your comfort. This type of desk offers enough space for your computer, notebooks and other work supplies. At Offeco we offer 1 type of corner desk. That desk is electrically adjustable and equipped with 2 desktops, of which 1x 180 x 80 cm and 1x 120 x 80 cm.

Opt for a compact desk

Not everyone has a spacious home office. Fortunately there are compact desks specially designed for small spaces. These desks have a slim design and still offer sufficient work space. They are ideal for those who want to create a workplace in a corner of the living room, bedroom or even the kitchen.

Create comfort and productivity: Ergonomic customized home workplaces.

Buy both new and refurbished desks at

At Offeco we offer both new and refurbished desks. All our desks meet the requirements for sitting and standing, as stipulated in the health and safety legislation. We have desks for everyone, ranging from budget to economy prices. All desks have one thing in common: they are made of the highest quality and come with a 60-month warranty. Our refurbished desks are always equipped with 2 motors from high-quality brands, giving the desks a second life and meeting expectations.

Our recommendation

RoomForTheNew Bureau Heathrow Plus is our best-selling desk, and for good reason. This desk is equipped with 2 motors, a memory display, and is available in various sizes, up to 200 cm wide! We offer a 60 month warranty on this desk and deliver these desks directly from stock. Take advantage of our special offer now: €400,00 excluding VAT!


The right desk can make a world of difference to your home working experience. Whether you prefer to work standing up, prefer a dynamic sit-stand arrangement, need a lot of workspace or work in a small space, there is a desk that meets all your needs. Choose a desk that combines comfort, ergonomics and functionality so that you can get the most out of your working day without compromising on your well-being.

In short, invest in the right desk and create an inspiring and productive home workplace that perfectly matches your needs and style. Do you have any questions or comments about our desks? Our team is always ready to help you via live chat, email or by phone.

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