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The Herman Miller Aeron Remastered

An ergonomic office chair, the Herman Miller Aeron Remastered.

If you are looking for an office chair that is not only stylish, but also ergonomic and comfortable, the Herman Miller Aeron Remastered may be the chair for you. Designed using the latest technologies, this office chair offers many benefits that will make your work experience more comfortable and productive.

A Redesign of the Aeron classic

De Herman Miller Aeron Remastered is an updated version of the classic Aeron chair. This chair has been redesigned using the latest technologies and offers improved ergonomics and comfort. The design of the Aeron Remastered is slimmer and more modern than the original chair and fits perfectly in modern offices.

Innovative Ergonomics

One of the main advantages of the Herman Miller Aeron Remastered is the innovative ergonomics. The chair is designed using kinetic foam technology, which allows the foam to adapt to the contours of the body. This provides optimal support for the back and reduces pressure on the hips and thighs.

Adjustable seat height and depth

Another advantage of the Aeron Remastered is the adjustable seat height and depth. The chair can be adjusted according to the length of the legs and the angle of the thighs. This means that the user can adjust the chair to their own body shape and posture, making them more comfortable and less likely to experience back pain.

Environmentally Friendly Design Aeron Remastered

Herman Miller has a long tradition of environmentally conscious design and the Aaron Remastered is no exception. The chair is made of sustainable materials and is designed using a minimal amount of energy. In addition, the chair is 94% recyclable and is easy to disassemble for easy recycling.

An Investment in Your Comfort and Productivity

De Herman Miller Aeron Remastered is not just an office chair. It is an investment in your comfort and productivity. By choosing this ergonomic office chair, you can enjoy many years of comfortable and healthy working. And with the many adjustable features, you can be sure that this chair is perfectly tailored to your individual needs and wishes.

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