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The Disadvantages Of Poor Office Furnishing

Good office design is essential for a healthy and productive working environment. Unfortunately, many employers and employees underestimate the impact of poor office design. Poor office design can lead to health problems, reduced productivity and increased staff turnover. In this blog we discuss the disadvantages of poor office design and why it is so important to pay attention to this.

Poor office design leads to physical complaints

Poor office design can lead to various physical complaints, such as back pain, neck pain, RSI and fatigue. For example, if an employee spends long hours at a desk with a bad chair and incorrect posture, it can lead to chronic pain and long-term injury. It is therefore important to invest in ergonomic furniture and tools to prevent these physical complaints.

Reduced productivity

Poor office design can also reduce employee productivity. For example, if there is too little natural light, this can lead to tired eyes and reduced concentration. Poor acoustics can lead to distractions and increased stress levels. An office space that is too busy can lead to a lack of privacy and a lack of focus. This can all lead to reduced productivity and a lower quality of work.

Less satisfaction and higher turnover with poor office design

Poor office design can also lead to lower employee satisfaction and higher staff turnover. Employees who do not feel comfortable in their working environment, or who deal with physical complaints, will be less satisfied with their work and less inclined to stay with the company. High turnover can also lead to additional costs for the company, such as recruitment and training costs.

Negative influence on the image

A bad office equipment can also have a negative impact on a company's image. An unattractive or uncomfortable work environment can make potential customers and partners less inclined to work with the company. A well-designed office space, on the other hand, can contribute to a positive image of the company.


Poor office design can lead to health problems, reduced productivity, increased staff turnover and a negative impact on a company's image. It is therefore essential to invest in good office design that takes the health and well-being of employees into account. This can be done, for example, by providing ergonomic furniture, sufficient natural light and good acoustics. It is also important to involve employees in the design process and collect their feedback to optimize the working environment. By investing in good office design, a company can not only improve the health and productivity of employees, but also enhance the company's image and reduce staff turnover.

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