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How do you set up a Flex Workspace?

An inspiring flexible workplace with height-adjustable desks and light stackable chairs for an ergonomic working posture.

Flexible workplaces are becoming increasingly popular in the modern working environment. These workplaces allow employees to choose where and how they want to work, contributing to employee productivity and well-being. But how do you set up such a flexible workplace?

Determine the right space

A good flex workplace starts with choosing the right space. The room must be spacious enough for the number of employees working there and must also take into account sufficient light, ventilation and acoustics.

Choose the right furniture

Flexible workplaces require furniture that is easy to move and that supports different working postures. Consider getting in height adjustable desks to allow employees to alternate between sitting and standing while working. In addition, light and stackable chairs and tables can increase the flexibility of the workplace.

Make use of technology

A good flexible workplace makes optimal use of technology. This includes WiFi, printers and scanners, but also smart devices that can adapt the workplace to the needs of employees, such as lighting and temperature control.

An inspiring and productive flexible workplace with different types of furniture, such as desks and light chairs.

Provide sufficient storage space

With a flexible workplace, it is important to have sufficient storage space for personal items and documents. Therefore, consider using lockers or personal lockers for each employee.

Make it personal

A flexible workplace can sometimes feel anonymous. Make the workplace personal by using plants, paintings or other decorations that enhance the atmosphere of the room. This allows employees to feel more at home in the workplace.


A good flexible workplace requires some planning and organization, but it can be well worth it. With the right space, furniture, technology, storage and decorations, a flexible workplace can contribute to employee productivity and well-being. Use these tips and tricks to set up the perfect flexible workplace for your organization.

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