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The Art of Sitting: Herman Miller Chairs

In the world of ergonomic sitting Herman Miller known as a leader, and their chairs have endured the last century. But why would you invest in a Herman Miller office chair instead of a simple office chair? Let's take a closer look at its features and benefits.

Are the Herman and Miller chairs ergonomic?

Herman Miller's global recognition for ergonomic design illustrates their continued commitment to excellence. The careful design of their chairs goes beyond aesthetics; it is a well-thought-out approach to fit seamlessly with the human anatomy. These chairs not only offer unparalleled comfort, but also targeted support for the back, neck and legs, making them not just seating furniture, but rather an investment in well-being and ergonomic perfection.

Offeco recommendation

The Herman and Miller we recommended Aeron Classic MK2 office chair has been refurbished and is in absolute new condition. When we receive a used office chair, we follow a fixed protocol. We verify functionality, clean and respray the seat, replace arm pads if necessary, and carefully inspect the mesh. A perfect mesh is crucial for these chairs, and we offer a guarantee for this upon purchase.


  • Dimensions: B
  • Backrest cover: Graphite
  • Frame color: Graphite
  • Weight setting
  • 2D adjustable armrests
  • Backward tilt
  • Forward tilt
  • More recent model with flipper arm
  • Includes PostureFit back support


A sustainable choice

While basic office chairs wear out over time and need to be replaced Herman and Miller chairs designed to last. Top quality materials and craftsmanship ensure durability, which is cost-effective in the long term and contributes to a more sustainable lifestyle. If any parts of a Herman and Miller chair no longer function properly, they can always be replaced due to the plug-and-play concept. If the chair is beyond repair or no longer fits your interior, Herman Miller will always retain significant value.

Why is a Herman Miller chair a better investment?

The Herman and Miller office chairs are a sensible choice, not only in terms of ergonomics, but also in terms of price. As an example, a new Aeron costs approximately 1200,00 euros. After 15 years, these chairs retain at least 600 euros in value. That means a loss of 600,00 euros. Over a period of 15 years you will pay an average of 3,33 euros per month for a new Aeron.

An Ikea Markus costs 180,00 euros and is designed for 2-3 years of use, which translates to 5,00 euros per month. The lifespan can be measured using Martindale, which indicates how durable the fabric is.

Discover the ultimate in comfort and style with Herman and Miller office chairs. Choose ergonomic design and high quality at Herman And Miller. Transform your workplace with our premium office chairs.


Herman and Miller also distinguishes themselves by the adaptability of their chairs. Thanks to advanced settings, each chair can easily be personalized to your specific needs. Whether you are tall, small, tall or short, a Herman Miller chair can be effortlessly adjusted to provide a perfect fit. These custom options underline their commitment to creating seating solutions that adapt to the unique physiological demands of each user, creating a personalized and ergonomically sound seating experience.

A design known worldwide

Herman and Miller chairs are not only functional, but also aesthetically pleasing. The award-winning design makes a statement in any office environment. With a Herman Miller chair you not only invest in comfort, but also in style.

Buy a Herman Miller office chair at

At Offeco we offer Refurbished Herman and Miller office chairs. All broken and/or damaged parts of these office chairs have been replaced by new official parts. These Herman Miller office chairs are therefore in new condition. After the repair work, these office chairs can last for years and together we have saved a lot of raw materials. Herman Miller office chairs guarantee comfort and ergonomics. New Herman Miller office chairs are also available upon request.

Now a large range of Herman Miller Mirra 2 office chairs available.


A well-designed chair like the one from Herman Miller can contribute to better health in the workplace. It minimizes the risk of back pain, stiffness and other physical complaints that are often caused by sitting for long periods of time.

In conclusion, while basic office chairs may serve their purpose, Herman Miller chairs offer a level of comfort, durability and adaptability that goes beyond the standard range. Invest in your well-being and productivity with a chair designed with your health and comfort in mind. Herman Miller: where sitting becomes an art. This blog was updated 15/5/2024.

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