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Herman Miller Aeron VS Herman Miller Sayl

If you're looking for a high-quality office chair, chances are you've come across the Herman Miller Aeron and Herman Miller Sayl office chairs. Both chairs are designed to provide an optimal seating experience and are popular with both home workers and professionals in an office environment. In this blog, we take a closer look at the differences between these two Herman Miller models and help you choose the right office chair for your specific needs.

Herman Miller Aeron

De Herman Miller Aeron is one of the most iconic office chairs in the world and has been produced since the 90s. The chair is known for its comfortable seating experience, durable construction and stylish design. The Aeron is designed using advanced ergonomic technologies to support the natural movements of the human body and reduce pressure on the back and hips. The use of breathable materials such as mesh and patented PostureFit lumbar support provide extra comfort and support.

Herman Miller-Sayl

The Herman Miller Sayl is a relatively newer chair that was introduced in 2010. The design is inspired by the architecture of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, giving the chair a unique and striking appearance. The Sayl is designed to provide an optimal seating experience and is suitable for different body types and sizes. The use of flexible material and the unique Y-Tower back frame provides dynamic support for the back and improves blood circulation.

Differences between the Herman Miller Aeron and Sayl

While both chairs are designed to provide an optimal seating experience, there are some differences to keep in mind when choosing the right chair for your needs.

Design: The design of the Aeron is more classic and timeless, while the Sayl has a more striking and modern design.

Comfort: From Aeron offers excellent comfort and a wide range of adjustment options, while the Sayl offers slightly less adjustment options and has a less padded seat.

Price: The Aeron is generally slightly more expensive than the Sayl, especially if you opt for the premium versions.


Both chairs offer an excellent seating experience and are designed to support the health and well-being of the user. It is important to consider which factors are important to you, such as design, comfort and price. If you're looking for a more classic chair with excellent adjustability, the Aeron may be the best choice for you. If, on the other hand, you are looking for a more modern chair with a unique design, the Sayl may be the better option.

De Aeron has an extensive range of adjustment options, including the height, the angle of the backrest and the armrests. It also has a breathable mesh material on the back and seat to improve comfort and regulate body temperature. The chair is built to reduce pressure on the lower back and to promote blood circulation, which can improve the user's productivity.

The Sayl, on the other hand, has a unique design with an inspiration from San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge. It has a thin backrest that supports the user and is made of environmentally friendly materials. It also has adjustable height and optional armrests. Although it doesn't offer as many adjustment options as the Aeron, it is still a comfortable and ergonomic chair suitable for long periods of sitting.

As for price, the Aeron tends to be more expensive than the Sayl. The price difference can be an important factor when making a choice between these two chairs.

In conclusion, both the Aeron and the Sayl are quality chairs designed with the health and well-being of the user in mind. The choice between these two chairs depends on your personal preferences, such as design, comfort and price. It is recommended to try both chairs before making a final decision.

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