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How Herman Miller Changed Office Culture With Their Designs

Herman Miller, a Michigan furniture company known for its innovative and ergonomic office furniture designs.

Herman Miller, a Michigan furniture company, has forever changed the way we work in offices with their innovative and ergonomic designs. In this blog, we take a closer look at the history of Herman Miller and how their designs have changed office culture.

The History of Herman Miller

The brand was founded in 1905 as Star Furniture Company by Dirk Jan De Pree, a Dutch immigrant. In the 30s, the company focused on modern furniture and introduced the first generation of modernist designs. In 1940, De Pree's son-in-law, DJ De Pree, took over the company and changed the name to Herman Miller, in honor of his father-in-law.

Ergonomics and design

In the 60s, the brand began to focus on ergonomics and design. They collaborated with designers such as Charles and Ray Eames and George Nelson to design furniture that was not only beautiful, but also comfortable and healthy to sit on. This resulted in iconic designs such as the Eames Lounge Chair and the Nelson Bench.

Developed in the 70s and 80s Herman Miller new ergonomic office furniture such as the Aeron office chair and the Ethospace workplace. This furniture was designed to increase the comfort and productivity of employees and to prevent health problems such as back pain.

Herman Miller furniture, ergonomically and innovatively designed.

Product in image: Herman Miller Setup

Impact on office culture

Herman Miller's designs have had a major impact on office culture. Before the brand focused on ergonomics, office furniture was primarily designed to save costs and not focus on the comfort and health of employees. Herman Miller brought change by designing office furniture that was not only comfortable, but also contributed to employee productivity and well-being.

The introduction of the Aeron office chair in 1994 was a game changer for the office industry. This chair was the first piece of furniture to use the material 'pellicle', which was breathable and adapted to the user's body. It was one of the first ergonomic office chairs and is still one of the most popular chairs on the market.


Herman Miller has changed office culture forever with their innovative and ergonomic designs. They have proven that furniture should not only be beautiful, but also comfortable and healthy to sit on. Their designs have set a new standard for office furniture and helped improve the comfort and health of workers around the world.

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