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How do you choose the right office chair?

A large proportion of people with an office job work for hours a day sitting behind a desk. It is important that you sit ergonomically all those hours, otherwise you run the risk of physical complaints. There are a lot of different office chairs and therefore making a choice is very difficult. In this article we explain more about the different types of office chairs, so that you can make the right choice.

Select office chair

Office chairs are available in various price ranges and designs. The more parts of the office chair that are adjustable, the more ergonomic the chair is. Whether you need all those adjustments varies from person to person. These 6 topics will help you choose a suitable office chair:

  1. Do you want an Arbo certified office chair?
  2. Which mechanism suits your use?
  3. How do you want to use your armrests?
  4. Are you looking for a specific brand?
  5. Do you have back problems?
  6. Are you taller and/or heavier than average?

Do you want an Arbo certified office chair?

An occupational health and safety office chair must meet strict labor standards. The office chair receives this certificate when it promotes your working posture and health while sitting. There are 2 types of occupational health and safety certifications for office chairs:

  • NPR 1813: office chairs with this labor standard are suitable for all Belgians and Dutch people. Even for people taller than 193 centimeters.
  • NEN 1335: this standard indicates that the office chair is suitable for people with a height of 151 and 192 centimeters.

To read more differences between NPR 1813 and NEN 1335 office chairs you can this blog .

Which mechanism suits your use?

The mechanism determines the adjustability of the seat and backrest of office chairs.

Every mechanism is different, it is best to choose a mechanism that fits your seating needs. The 3 main mechanisms are:

  • Tiltable: the seat on the chair tilts when you change your posture. For some models, you lock the position.
  • Full contact: the seat of the chair has a fixed position, but the backrest moves with it. Your back is in constant contact with the backrest.
  • Synchronous: with this mechanism, both the seat and backrest move with your movements. This gives the maximum support.

How do you want to use your armrests?

The armrests of office chairs can be adjusted in a maximum of 4 ways. For most standard models, you only adjust the height. Here too, the more ergonomic the office chair is, the more options you have to adjust the armrests. The 4 customizable options are:

  • Height: This is for correct position of your arms in relation to the desk and body.
  • Width: you widen the armrests, so that your arms are well next to the body.
  • Depth: You adjust the armrests forward and back, changing the distance to your forearm.
  • Rotatability: you slide the armrests aside for a different sitting position.

Are you looking for a specific brand?

If you go for a design office chair, it has its advantages, namely a long warranty, many user experiences, many adjustment options and the product has a long life cycle. Brands we offer include: Herman Miller, steel case, Ahrend en Sit and Move. 

Do you have back problems?

The most important thing when choosing an office chair against back problems is that the chair offers space for a solution that supports the back in the right place and way. This can be done by trying out many chairs, but we have a chair in our range that 100% resolves the complaints. Namely, the Therapod chairs. These chairs have adjustable lumbar support that can be fully measured on the back and the chairs also have several types of seats and backrests. Not everyone is of course the same weight or height.

Are you taller and/or heavier than average?

For heavier people it is important that the gas spring can handle the weight and for taller people the seat depth adjustment is very important to sit comfortably.

If you have specific questions about choosing the office chair, feel free to contact us contact record.