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How Long Can You Work Standing?

A person stands on a mat in front of a desk and works on a computer. The desk is adjustable and is at a higher position than usual so that the person can work comfortably while standing. The person wears comfortable shoes and has an ergonomic posture, with a straight back and relaxed shoulders. A window can be seen in the background with a view of trees and a blue sky.

Standing work is becoming increasingly popular, mainly because it seems healthier than sitting for hours. But how long can you actually work standing up without harming your health? And how can you working standing keep healthy?

You have to take this into account when working standing up:

  1. Variety: Working standing is healthier than sitting, but you have to alternate. Experts recommend not standing for more than 2 hours at a time. Therefore, take regular breaks in which you sit or move.
  2. Correct posture: If you work standing up, it is important to adopt the correct posture. Keep your back straight, your shoulders relaxed, and your feet shoulder-width apart. If you take the wrong posture, you can suffer from your back, neck and feet.
  3. Good shoes: Good shoes are essential if you work standing up. Choose shoes with good support and cushioning. This way you prevent your feet from hurting and you can stand longer.
  4. Anti-Fatigue Mat: An anti-fatigue mat can help when working while standing. This is a mat specially designed to relieve pressure on your feet and back. This way you can stand longer without getting tired.
  5. Standing desk: If you work standing up, it's best to use one standing desk to use. This is a desk that you can adjust in height, so you can alternate between standing and sitting. This prevents you from standing for too long and reduces the strain on your body.
  6. Build it up slowly: When you start working standing up, build it up slowly. Start with short periods of standing and build up gradually. This way your body can get used to the new posture and you prevent overloading your muscles and joints.
Image of an adjustable desk that allows both sitting and standing work. The desk has an electrically or manually adjustable height adjustment and is equipped with a computer, monitor, keyboard and mouse.


How long you can work standing up depends on various factors, such as variety, posture, shoes, anti-fatigue mat and standing desk. Build it up slowly and take regular breaks to sit or move. This way you can keep working while standing healthy and reduce the risk of back, neck and foot complaints.

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