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How do I furnish my office industrially?

An industrial office is not only stylish, but also practical. It is the perfect combination of functionality and aesthetics. An industrial office can be inspiring and creative and can provide a great working environment for employees. In this blog post we share some useful tips to furnish your office industrially.

Go for a minimalist design

A industrial office has a minimalist design. This means that you should opt for simple, yet functional furniture. For example, go for metal desks and cupboards, wooden tables and chairs, and simple lighting. Keep the room as open as possible, so that the light can pass through and a feeling of space is created.

Use concrete and metal

One of the main features of an industrial office is the use of concrete and metal. These materials are tough and durable and give your office an industrial look. You can consider concrete floors, walls or ceilings. Also use metal elements, such as steel pipes and cable ducts, to emphasize the industrial character.

Choose rough finishes

An industrial office has a rough and unfinished look. Choose raw finishes such as unpolished wood floors, raw brick walls and bare metal. These elements contribute to the industrial atmosphere of your office.

Use neutral colors

An industrial office usually has a neutral color palette. Choose black, grey, white, brown and beige. These colors emphasize the industrial look of your office and ensure that the room looks sleek and modern.

Add green

An industrial office can sometimes feel a bit chilly, which is why it is important to add greenery. Plants provide fresh air and a cozy atmosphere. Choose sturdy, green plants such as the fern, cactus or sansevieria.


An industrial office can provide a great working environment for employees and can also be inspiring and creative. To furnish your office industrially, you should opt for minimalistic, functional furniture and neutral colours. Use concrete and metal to emphasize the industrial atmosphere, and add greenery to warm up the space. By following these tips you can transform your office into a stylish, industrial space that invites you to work productively. Also remember to use raw finishes and unfinished elements to emphasize the industrial atmosphere. By creating a mix of functionality and aesthetics, you can create an office space that is not only practical, but also impressive and inspiring for both employees and clients. Try out the tips in this blog post and see for yourself how you can transform your office into a stylish, industrial space.

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