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How do I set up my home workplace?

Now that working from home is becoming increasingly popular, setting up a home workplace is essential. An effective workplace can increase productivity and reduce the risk of physical complaints. In this blog you can read how you can set up your home workplace for optimal comfort and productivity.

Tips for setting up a home office

  1. Choose the right location Find a quiet place in your home where you can concentrate. This can be an extra room, a corner in the living room or even the attic. Make sure the room is well ventilated and has plenty of natural light.
  2. Invest in an ergonomic office chair A comfortable office chair is essential for a healthy workplace. Invest in an ergonomic office chair with adjustable armrests, back and lumbar support. This helps prevent back pain and neck pain.
  3. Choose the right table Make sure the height of your desk is set to the correct height so that your wrists and arms are at the same height as the keyboard. Choose a desk with enough space for all your necessities and make sure that the height of the desk is adjustable.
  4. Screens and lighting Place your screen at the right height and distance to reduce the risk of eye strain and neck pain. Choose good lighting that is not too bright, but provides enough light.
  5. Decoration and personal touch A personal touch can help you home workplace to make it comfortable and cozy. Choose decoration that inspires and keeps you motivated. Photos, plants and artwork can help to improve the atmosphere of your workplace.
  6. Organization A tidy workplace can help you concentrate and increase productivity. Make sure you have enough storage space and keep your workplace clean and organized. A whiteboard or bulletin board can also help you keep track of your tasks and projects.
  7. Take regular breaks A healthy workplace also means taking regular breaks. Get up and walk around, do some stretching or take a short walk. This helps to keep your energy up and prevent physical complaints.


By using these tips, you can create a home workplace that is not only functional, but also comfortable and cosy. This can help to increase productivity and reduce physical complaints. Make sure you find a good work-life balance.

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