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How do you set up a meeting room?

A stylish and professional meeting room with comfortable chairs and functional tables.

A well-appointed meeting room can contribute to the success of a meeting and ensure a professional image of the company. In this blog we discuss some important elements to take into account when setting up a meeting room.

The right size

The size of the meeting space is important to determine how many people can be seated in the room. A space that is too small can feel uncomfortable, while a space that is too large can lead to distance between the participants. It is important to determine which size is best for the number of participants and the type of meeting taking place.

Comfortable seats

Comfortable chairs are essential for a successful meeting. The chairs must be ergonomically designed and provide adequate support for the back and arms. Also, make sure that the chairs allow enough room to move so that the participants can sit comfortably during longer meetings.

Functional tables

A functional table is important for creating a professional appearance and providing sufficient work space for the participants. Choose a table of the right size and height, depending on the number of participants and the available space. Also consider the option of using a table with integrated technology, such as power and network connections, for greater convenience during meetings.

Good lighting

Good lighting is important for a meeting room, both to set the atmosphere and to make working easier. Choose lighting that provides sufficient brightness for the work and ensure that the light sources are evenly distributed to avoid shadows. Also consider using dimmable lighting for more flexibility in the atmosphere.

Use of technology

The use of technology can make a meeting more efficient and allow more interaction between the participants. Make sure the meeting room is equipped with the necessary technology, such as a screen for presentations, a whiteboard for brainstorming sessions, and a conferencing system for virtual meetings.


Furnishing a meeting room requires some thought and planning to create a professional and comfortable environment for successful meetings. Provide enough space, comfortable chairs, functional tables, good lighting and use of technology to get the most out of the meeting.

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