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Is An EN 1335 Office Chair A Good Choice

An image of a comfortable EN 1335 office chair with black upholstery, ergonomic armrests and adjustable height and tilt mechanism. Designed to provide optimal support and comfort while working, this chair is made of high-quality materials that combine durability and style. The EN 1335 office chair is the perfect choice for those looking for a healthy and efficient working posture, and can help prevent long-term back, neck and shoulder complaints.

If you're looking for a new office chair, you've probably already discovered that there are plenty of options to choose from. One of the most important things to consider when choosing an office chair is comfort, but there are other factors to consider, such as ergonomics, durability, and style. One type of office chair that is getting more and more attention is the EN 1335 office chair. But is this type of office chair a good choice for you?

What is an EN 1335 office chair?

The EN 1335 standard is a European standard for office furniture, including office chairs. Office chairs that meet this standard are tested for safety, durability and ergonomics. The standard includes specifications for the dimensions of the chair, the height of the armrests, the width of the seat and the depth of the backrest, among other things. A EN 1335 office chair must also meet specific requirements for comfort, such as an adjustable backrest, a height-adjustable seat and a tilt mechanism.

The benefits of an EN 1335 office chair

There are several advantages to choosing one EN 1335 office chair. First of all, ergonomics is an important factor with these office chairs. A good ergonomic office chair is important to prevent back, neck and shoulder complaints and can even reduce existing complaints. Because EN 1335 office chairs are specifically designed and tested for ergonomics, they generally provide a high level of comfort and support.

Another advantage of EN 1335 office chairs is the durability. Because they have to meet specific standards and tests, these chairs are generally of high quality and long lasting. They are often made of materials such as steel and aluminum, which provide strength and resistance to wear and tear.

Finally can EN 1335 office chairs also be an attractive option for those who value style. Because these chairs are designed and produced in Europe, they often have a modern and sleek appearance that fits well with a contemporary office.

Are there any disadvantages to EN 1335 office chairs?

Although EN 1335 office chairs offer many advantages, there are also some disadvantages that must be taken into account. One of the drawbacks is that these chairs are generally more expensive than non-standard office chairs. However, this is an investment in your long-term health and comfort, and can ultimately save you money by preventing back, neck, and shoulder pain that can lead to medical costs and absenteeism from work. In addition, it can also lead to higher productivity because you can work more comfortably and efficiently.

Another disadvantage is that EN 1335 office chairs are not suitable for everyone. These chairs are designed for people of average build and height, and some people may have problems with the size or tilt mechanism. It is important to ensure that the office chair you choose is a good fit for your body type and your work habits.


If you are looking for a comfortable, ergonomic and durable office chair, an EN 1335 office chair is definitely a good choice. These chairs offer a high level of comfort and support, are made of high quality materials and have an attractive modern design. Although they are more expensive than non-standard office chairs, they are an investment in your long-term health and comfort. Just make sure the chair is a good fit for your body type and work habits before purchasing.

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