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Cable Management - Get rid of clutter on your desk

Do you suffer from messy cables on your desk? Cable management is the solution! Cable management helps you keep the cables of your electronic devices neat and organized. This is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it also reduces the risk of accidents and damage.

How do I make my workplace tidy again?

With cable management you can neatly organize and hide the cables of your computer, printer, telephone and other devices. There are several ways to manage cables, including cable trays, cable ties, cable clips, and cable holders. You can even use cable boxes to keep the cables completely out of sight.

How cable management improves productivity

A cable management desk is a great way to organize your cables in your workplace. These desks have special features, such as cable ducts and cable holders, to hide the cables in a neat and organized way. This not only ensures a tidy desk, but it also improves your productivity because you are no longer distracted by cables that get in the way.

Options cable management desks

There are different types of cable management desks available, from simple to complex models. Some desks even have wireless charging stations built in so you can charge your devices without messy cables.

Insight in our desks that support cable management.

Loose cable management

If you're not looking for a new desk, you can also buy cable management accessories that attach to your existing desk. This includes cable ducts that attach under the desk, cable clips that attach to the edge of your desk, and cable ties that keep your cables neatly organized.

Here you can find our loose accessoiries to look at.

In brief

Cable management is an important part of an organized and efficient workplace. Whether you need a new desk or are just looking for accessories to organize your cables, there are several options available to meet your needs. With a tidy desk you can better concentrate on your work and reduce the risk of accidents and damage.

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