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Office Furnishings For Intensive Use

If you have an office that is used intensively, it is important to pay attention to the design. An ergonomic workplace can help reduce fatigue and pain, while thoughtful office design can increase productivity and improve the atmosphere.

Choose the right furniture

Start by choosing the right furniture. Invest in ergonomic office chairs en adjustable desks that are adaptable to the individual needs of the user. By choosing adjustable armrests, backrests and seats you can optimize the sitting position and reduce body tension.

Good lighting for office furnishings

Lighting is also an important aspect of office design. Provide plenty of natural light and consider using artificial lighting that does not dazzle or strain the eyes. Good lighting can contribute to a more productive work environment and prevent eye strain.

Tidy office look

Another important consideration in office design is the storage and organization of documents and items. The use of cabinets, filing drawers and shelves can help maintain a tidy workspace and reduce the chance of distractions and loss of important documents.

Create an attractive office design

Create a pleasant atmosphere in the workplace. Choose decoration and colors that have a positive impact on employees. Consider plants that purify the air and increase productivity and use artwork or inspirational quotes.


In short, a thoughtful one office furnishings can contribute to a healthy and productive working environment for intensively used offices. Invest in ergonomic furniture, adequate lighting, storage and organisation, and create a pleasant atmosphere to get the most out of your working day.

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