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The Right Office Furniture For An Ergonomic Home Workplace

Stylish and comfortable ergonomic office chairs as part of our range of high quality office furniture.

In recent years, working from home has become increasingly popular. It offers flexibility and comfort, but it is crucial to ensure that your home workplace is ergonomically designed to prevent health problems. One of the keys to an ergonomic home workplace is choosing the right office furniture. We will help you properly set up your home workplace with our office furniture!

Why Choose an Ergonomic Office Chair?

A ergonomic office chair is an essential part of a healthy home workplace. It should be adjustable in height, backrest, and armrests. This ensures that you can adjust the chair to your body shape and comfort level. A good office chair provides support to your back and prevents back pain and fatigue. We have both (N)EN 1335 and NPR 1813 office chairs in stock. These office chairs meet all requirements set by the Arbo.

Choose a height-adjustable desk

One in height adjustable desk is another must-have for an ergonomic home workplace. This allows you to adjust the height of your desk to your sitting height, allowing you to work in a natural position. Working while standing can also be beneficial to your health, so a desk that supports both sitting and standing working positions is ideal. Our range of desks is very diverse, we have both adjustable desks for sitting height and sit-stand desks. Both types of desks meet health and safety requirements and are available in multiple color configurations.

Create an ergonomic home workplace with our selection of the right office furniture for comfort and productivity.

Place your monitor at the right height

A monitor stand or arm is crucial for raising your computer screen to eye level. This allows you to keep your neck and back in a neutral position, which prevents tension and pain. Make sure the monitor stand or arm is adjustable so you can set the optimal height. All our desks support cable management and monitor arms and standards.

Ergonomic Keyboard and Mouse

An ergonomic keyboard and mouse can reduce the strain on your wrists and hands. They are designed to keep your hands in a comfortable and natural position. Consider a keyboard with an ergonomic shape and a mouse with a vertical grip for the best results.

Tidy up your workplace

An organized workplace contributes to a stress-free environment. Invest in cable management to prevent wires from getting tangled and creating a mess. This not only helps maintain a neat appearance, but also reduces tripping hazards. We offer multiple cable management solutions for your office furniture.

A versatile adjustable desk, designed for flexible working and comfort, adapts to your needs and style.

Adjustable Lighting

Good lighting is crucial for productivity and eye comfort. Choose adjustable lighting so you can adjust the light intensity to your needs. Avoid glare on your computer screen and ensure even lighting in the room.

Take Enough Storage Space

Keep your workplace organized with plenty storage space. Cabinets, drawers, and shelves can help keep your things organized, reducing the time you spend searching for documents and supplies.

Buy Office Furniture At Offeco

Nowadays, ergonomic design is more important than ever. Working from home is still common and is not decreasing. A good workplace is very important; Long office hours are not healthy, but especially not if the workplace is not in order. We offer a wide range of office furniture that can furnish the workplace ergonomically, quickly and at a competitive price. We are happy to advise you in choosing the ideal workplace!


An ergonomic home workplace is essential for your health and well-being. Choosing the right one office furniture, such as an ergonomic office chair, height-adjustable desk and accessories such as monitor stands, can make a significant difference. Invest in yourself and create a comfortable and efficient workplace that contributes to your productivity and well-being while working from home. After all, a healthy workplace is the key to long-term success. We are happy to help you if you have any questions about our office furniture!

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