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Kubo M


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Product description

Our way of working is constantly evolving towards a hybrid form in which working from home and working at the office come together. To make the most of your time at the office, we have developed the Kubo M, a unique solution that perfectly meets this need. This versatile space is ideal for both consultation and individual work. Whether you prefer a dynamic meeting or concentrated work, the Kubo M can accommodate one to four people, depending on your specific needs.

Width: cm 248

Depth: 248 cm

Height: 249 cm

This meeting room is completely produced in the Netherlands and designed in a modular way. In addition, it can be fully adapted to specific wishes and needs.


  • Ventilation: The Kubo boxes are supplied with a standard CO2-controlled ventilation system that ensures optimum air quality.
  • Acoustics: The Kubo boxes are solidly built and covered with high-quality acoustic material, both on the inside and outside. This achieves optimal acoustics, both inside and outside the box.
  • Sensor: Each Kubo Box is equipped with a built-in sensor in the roof, which controls the functionality of the lighting and ventilation.
  • Power points: When delivering the boxes, we provide four power points and two USB ports, so that you always have sufficient power supply. (no built-in)
  • Adaptability: The Kubo boxes have a modular structure, which means that they can be configured in different ways. This way we always offer a flexible solution that meets your specific needs.
  • Sustainability: Kubo boxes are designed with sustainability in mind. Thanks to the modular design, it is never necessary to replace the entire product. In addition, all our boxes are produced entirely in the Netherlands, in collaboration with local entrepreneurs, so that we can be proud of a 100% Dutch production.

General Information

We would like to invite you to view our boxes by appointment and to create a fully personalized configuration together with one of our sales specialists. We aim to deliver your order within an estimated delivery time of 3-6 weeks.