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My Herman Miller Chair Creaks What To Do?

A modern office chair from the design brand Herman Miller with a streamlined and ergonomic design, made of high-quality materials such as aluminum, leather and mesh fabric. The chair offers comfort and support for the back, neck and arms, and fits perfectly with a contemporary interior.

A Herman Miller chair is a wonderful investment that offers years of comfortable seating. Unfortunately, even the best chair can sometimes make creaking noises, which can be quite annoying. But don't worry, there are several solutions you can try to get your chair quiet again.

Check the confirmations

One of the most common causes of creaking noises in a Herman Miller chair is loose fasteners. Check that all screws and bolts are tight. If a loose fastener is found, tighten it firmly to see if this solves the problem.

Lubricate the hinges

If your chair has become dry over time, the hinges may start to creak. Try smearing them with some lubricant, such as WD-40, to see if this stops the creaking. Just be careful not to get the lubricant on the upholstery or leather.

Check the upholstery

If nothing seems to work, check to see if there might be a problem with your seat upholstery. Check that there are no loose pieces of fabric or leather that could crack when you move. If a piece is loose, try to tighten it again or replace it if it is beyond salvage.

Contact the seller

If none of these solutions work, please contact your retailer or customer service Herman Miller. They may be able to give further advice or offer a repair service if there is a fault with your chair.


Creaking noises in a Herman Miller chair are annoying, but there are several solutions you can try before going for repair or replacement. Check the fasteners, lubricate the hinges, check the upholstery, and if nothing seems to work, contact the seller. With proper care and maintenance, your Herman Miller chair can provide years of comfortable seating without annoying creaking noises.

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