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My Steelcase Leap V2 is cracking, what should I do?

A creaking Leap V2 is very annoying and disturbing. Fortunately, it is easy and easy to solve.

Use a lubricant such as lithium grease or Liquid Wrench Silicone. (Not one that damaged plastic) The noise often comes from the inside of the spring mechanism under the seat.

The best thing to do now is turn the chair over, with the front facing upwards. Inside the riveted housing of the Leap V2 is a uvular port approximately 2,5 high and XNUMX cm wide, just off center of the spring housing.

If you shine light through it you will see the feather and some white colored plastic. Attach a straw to the spray can and place it in the port and try to hit as many corners as possible. Then lay the chair down on all sides for a few minutes to allow the lubricant to saturate and coat every hole.  

You will now notice that some other grease is running out of the seat, which is not a problem. You can place the chair upright again. You won't notice an immediate reduction in sound, but after about an hour of sitting and leaning back and forth, the sound will A LOT to be better. The next day the sound is no longer audible.

Tip: Lubricating spray has a chemical smell, so make sure you put the chair in a well-ventilated area. Make sure you let the chair move a lot, after you have used the spray, this way the lubricant will reach the right place everywhere.