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My sit stand desk won't go up anymore

A sit-stand desk is an adjustable desk that makes it possible to work alternately sitting and standing. This type of desk can be adapted to the individual wishes of the user, encouraging an ergonomic working posture. A sit-stand desk is often adjustable in height, so that the user can easily switch between standing and sitting. In addition, some sit-stand desks also offer the option to adjust the angle of the worktop, which gives the user even more flexibility. The use of a sit-stand desk can contribute to a healthy working posture and prevent physical complaints caused by prolonged sitting.

Do you have a sit-stand desk and it no longer works as it should? It can be frustrating when your desk no longer raises, especially if you're used to alternating between sitting and standing while working.

Below you can read how to raise your sit-stand desk:

  1. Check the power supply: A common cause of a sit-stand desk that no longer rises is a power failure. Check that your desk is properly plugged into the power outlet and that power is being supplied to the desk. If the outlet works, check that the cable from the desk to the power supply is connected properly.
  2. Check the control buttons: Another common cause of problems with a sit stand desk is a faulty control button. If the control button does not work properly, it can cause problems with moving the desk up and down. Check that the control buttons are properly connected and that no cables are damaged.
  3. Check the engine: If you are sure that power is being supplied to the desk and that the controls are working properly, the problem may be with the desk's motor. Check that the engine is still running properly and that there are no problems with the drive belt or gears.
  4. Contact us: If you have completed all the steps above and your sit-stand desk still does not raise, please contact us. We can give you advice on how to solve this problem and possibly send a technician to repair the desk.


If your sit-stand desk no longer goes up, this can have various causes. First check that power is being supplied to the desk and that the control buttons are working properly. If the problem cannot be resolved in this way, please contact us for further assistance. With these tips you can hopefully enjoy your sit-stand desk again soon and alternate between working while standing and sitting.

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