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Refurbished second-hand office chairs

The buying of refurbished second-hand office chairs is a very sustainable choice for your company or home workplace and it also saves a lot in price. Offeco has a wide range of refurbished second-hand office chairs of the highest quality. Every refurbished second-hand office chair only leaves our doors if it has been made as good as new by one of our refurbish specialists. As a result, you are assured of a good purchase that will meet all wishes and requirements in terms of ergonomics and feel.

Why refurbished second-hand office chairs?

Refurbished second-hand office chairs in our range work perfectly technically and are therefore a good alternative to purchasing a new chair. This means that all adjustable parts function properly. When purchasing a refurbished second-hand office chair, functionality is not only important, but the appearance of the chair is also important. We refurbish our chairs in such a way that the chair is not inferior to new office chairs in terms of appearance. We do this by, for example, applying new upholstery. By buying a refurbished second-hand office chair, you not only save money, but you also contribute to a circular economy where nothing is thrown away. Nowadays, companies are increasingly choosing to purchase refurbished second-hand office furniture, because it fits well within the picture of the current sustainable image. In this way, a huge amount of waste is saved and you show that your company is also doing a good job socially.

Refurbished second-hand office chairs from the A brands.

We think it's important that our refurbished office chairs are of the big A brands, because these chairs can always get a second life cycle if they are refurbished correctly. We offer the following major brands on a large scale: Herman Miller, Steelcase, Vitra, Orangebox, Haworth, Ahrend and Drabert. These well-known office furniture brands are known for their quality and good ergonomic seating. The fact that design office furniture in our range is refurbished does not detract from the quality. The basis of refurbished and new office furniture is the same, namely ensuring that you can work ergonomically and productively.

Functionality second-hand office chair

It is of course important that you are assured of quality and functionality when purchasing refurbished second-hand office chairs. The operation of all technical parts of the chair is carefully checked by our team and adjustments are made where necessary to improve the operation. In addition to just checking, we also ensure that our office furniture arrives spick and span. We do this by high-quality cleaning or, where necessary, we apply completely new upholstery.

Points of attention when purchasing a second-hand office chair

When buying refurbished second-hand office chairs, it is just as important to pay attention to the adjustment options as with new office furniture. What you should pay close attention to is whether the chair has the correct adjustment options that suit your body. It is important to look carefully at the product descriptions for refurbished office chairs, because not every chair has been refurbished in the same way. For example, our Steelcase Leap V2 seats are reupholstered, while the Orangebox Do is not. The type of wheels under the seat is also important. You want to have the right wheels for your floor. Soft office chair wheels are suitable for hard floors and hard wheels are suitable for soft floors. The last thing that is very important when purchasing a refurbished office chair is the warranty. Of course you don't want your chair to only last a few months. At Offeco we give a 5-year warranty on our refurbished office chairs and after the warranty period we can still refurbish your office chair for a competitive price.

How many years will your refurbished second-hand office chairs last?

After having gone through the complete refurbishment process, we assume that the office chair will easily last between 5-10 years without defects. If there are defects, that is not yet a sign to get rid of the chair, because we can then refurbish the chair so that you can use the chair again for a while. If you are completely done with the appearance of the chair, there are also solutions for this. We can upholster the chair according to your wishes and can spray the frame in any color you wish. This way you change the look and feel and you have a new office chair.

Ahrend 220

Did you know that these chairs have not been produced for years, but are still one of the most popular chairs? This is a good example of why refurbished chairs are not simply used office chairs, but as good as new office chairs  

Herman Miller

Refurbished Herman Miller chairs are becoming more and more popular for a few reasons.

Refurbished Herman Miller chairs are a lot cheaper and are almost indistinguishable from new Herman Miller chairs.

By buying a refurbished Herman Miller chair, you get a chair with a guarantee and not a chair that is bought used and then stops working after a few weeks.

Herman Miller office chairs have a timeless design, so you don't have to worry about how old the chair is.

Refurbished steel case chairs

We are specialists in refurbishing steel case chairs. We receive these chairs used and damaged and make them as new by replacing the gas spring and arm pads with new official parts. We also apply new upholstery, spray the parts and check the chair for functionality.


We advise everyone to purchase a refurbished chair, because we are convinced that these chairs are really as good as new and are no less in terms of adjustment options than new office chairs. Are you still a bit skeptical about the idea of ​​buying a refurbished office chair? Then view our reviews, our YouTube videos, Blogs or come and test the chairs at our workshop with a nice cup of coffee or tea. You can make an appointment through this link. We are happy to help you work sustainably and productively for the best price!