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Offeco floor gutter #3

Do you have cables running across the floor? Like in your office, workshop or living room? Then you need a floor gutter. You don't want to leave those cables lying around. They can get damaged, or worse, you can get damaged. For example, if you trip over those annoying cables again.

What is a floor gutter?

A floor duct is the ideal solution for concealing cables from the floor, preventing annoyances and tripping.

How do I install my floor gutter?

Pass the cables through the opening at the bottom and pull the cables through the entire gutter. If the floor gutter is too long, you can always easily cut off a piece. With the supplied double-sided tape you can fix the floor channel to the floor.

Pros of the Offeco floor gutter:

  1. Cables are neatly bundled
  2. Cables are out of sight
  3. Prevents dangerous situations
  4. Cables are protected