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Steelcase Leap Vs Steelcase Gesture: Which Chair Is Better?

In this Blog we will go over the steel case Comparing Leap and the Steelcase Gesture, Which office chair suits you best depends on your preference for office chairs. In this blog we will explain the differences between these two chairs.

Build quality:

If you are looking for an ergonomic office chair, then both the Leap and the Gesture are a good choice. Both chairs are produced in Mexico and have an excellent fit and finish. Both the Leap and Gesture are made of many plastic parts, but these plastic parts are of the highest quality and are typical of Steelcase's designs. The purpose of the Steelcase chairs is to allow the user to move throughout the day and to make that possible, high-quality plastics are required to keep the seats and backs flexible. 

Scope of users:

When it comes to the scope of the steel case chairs, we can conclude that Steelcase has done their best to make the Leap and Gesture pleasant for as wide a range as possible. The seats are suitable for 5e all 95e percentile of the population.

Seating comfort

One of the most important things when purchasing an office chair is the seating comfort. One of the unique things about both the Leap and the Gesture is that the seats are very comfortable, while they have a thin seat cushion. The seat cushions of both chairs are less than 5 cm thick, while normal office chairs often have seat cushions with a minimum thickness of 7.5 cm. This is proof of the quality level of Steelcase seat cushions.

In addition to the comfort of the seat cushions, Steelcase integrated a flexible seat on both chairs. This allows the front part of the seat to move with you as you change positions throughout the day. The flexible seat is designed to relieve the pressure that normally occurs in the back of your legs.

Backrest support

The LiveBack technology in the Leap's backrest provides flexibility, which is nice when you move around in the chair. The upper part and the lower part of the backrest move separately from each other, so that you achieve maximum comfort. The Leap chairs also have adjustable lumbar support that can be properly adjusted to your back.

The back of the Gesture is flexible like the Leap, allowing some movement in the chair. The only downside compared to the Leap is the missing lumbar support.

Armrest comfort

The armrests of both chairs offer good comfort for the elbow and forearm. Although they are not as soft as the aeron, they are still comfortable for all day use.

The Gesture comes standard with four-way adjustable armrests. The armrests offer standard movements such as height, width, depth and swivel adjustment. 

The arms of the Leap are less adjustable than the Gesture. Four-dimensional armrests allow you to adjust the height, width, depth and pivot point of the steel case Jump V2.

Ergonomic adjustments

Both chairs are considered fully reclining ergonomic office chairs and include almost every adjustment available. The only thing missing is a height-adjustable backrest. While this may pose a problem for tall users, anyone under 190' XNUMX" should have no issues. The reason for the lack of this feature is the way Steelcase has placed the backrest in the seat and how the mechanism is attached. By connecting these parts of the chair, a unique movement is created when leaning back in the chair.

The Leap and Gesture each have a depth-adjustable seat. Most chairs, including the Leap, have the depth of the seat adjusted by using a lever.


If you are looking for a good adjustable ergonomic office chair and if you want to choose a good chair without running a great risk, then the Steelcase Leap V2 or Steelcase Gesture is the right choice for you. Both chairs offer an ergonomic sitting position. We offer the Steelcase chairs refurbished, because we are convinced that these chairs deserve a second life, where they will last at least 10 years. Furthermore, the difference between De Leap V2 and Gesture is minimal and it is a choice based on appearance.