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Set up a home workplace

Working from home is the ideal solution for some, while others can't wait to get back to the office. How working from home is experienced depends largely on how the workplace is set up. You can imagine that it is more pleasant to work on an office chair at a good desk instead of on a dining room chair at the dining table.

Many home workplaces are not yet in order. There is a lot of choice when choosing a workplace and you naturally want the best quality for the right price.

Who pays for your home office?

The Working Conditions Act states that the employer is responsible for ensuring that you can do your work in a safe and healthy manner
doing. That is the duty of the employer. This also means that your employer must pay the costs
reimburse when purchasing a new workplace if necessary.

Working from home is becoming more and more organized and the home workplace is becoming increasingly important. With this
change in mind, it is becoming increasingly important to get the home workplace in order.

Good to know If you work at home with a screen, the same requirements apply at home
layout of the workplace as in the office. Basically, the employer must keep the employee in the office
hold if this is not properly arranged.


Prevents back pain and neck and shoulder complaints

To prevent physical complaints, it is important that you can adjust your workplace to your own body measurements and needs. Working at a table that is too high can lead to a sore neck and shoulders. Sitting on a kitchen chair that does not support you properly can lead to an annoying and stiff feeling in the lower part of the back. If you keep doing this long enough you will create serious physical complaints. Often you can make a lot of progress with a few adjustments. A good office chair and desk will take you big steps forward.


Good workplace

A good workplace ensures that you can adopt an ergonomic (sitting) posture at home. In the best case, you have access to a desk and office chair that have adjustment options to adjust the product to your body measurements.

Which desk is right for me?

Do you want to alternate working sitting with standing?

Then our Sit-stand desks ideal for you.

Do you want a desk that can be adjusted to your correct sitting height and do you not think working standing is necessary?

Then our adjustable tables and desks ideal for you

Do you want a cheap desk and does it not have to be adjustable?

Then view our table with fixed height

Which office chair is right for me?

It is important for an office chair that it fits your body measurements well, so it is important to pay attention to the requirements and features that suit your body measurements when choosing an ergonomic office chair. In this way you ensure that the office chair can be fully adjusted to your body. Which office chair is best for me? Enter through this link Fill in 5 questions and we will select the best seats for you.


Not to mention

Don't forget to look at the "accessories". For example, do you work with a laptop? Then a laptop stand is very important, because it prevents you from bending over, which can lead to complaints. Do you have a lot of loose cables? Then cable ducts are the ideal solution to make your workplace clear and safe again. We have selected the most important products for accessories that help you to set up your workplace completely ergonomically.


Tailored advice?

We are happy to help you find the right solution to resolve complaints or future complaints. Do you want us to visit you? Or would you rather have a cup of coffee with us?
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