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Tips for purchasing a sit-stand desk

How long stand behind you sit stand desk?

Many people wonder how long you can best stand behind a sit-stand desk. What is the balance between sitting and standing at work? It will not surprise you that the opinions of the experts differ on this. We recommend sitting 75% of the day and standing 25% of the day. It is important that you vary your working position. There should therefore not be a situation where you work standing for part of the day and sitting for the rest of the day. The variety provides the added value of working dynamically. It is best to schedule the times at a fixed place on the day.

What to consider when buying one sit stand desk?

There are a number of things that you should pay close attention to when choosing a sit-stand desk. For example, you should pay close attention to the minimum and maximum working height that the adjustable desk can reach. This is the main reason why you decide to purchase a sit-stand desk. Another choice you have to make is between electric or crank-operated sit-stand desks. Finally, the looks, the price and the practical convenience of a sit-stand desk are important when making your choice.

What is the minimum and maximum working height of a sit stand desk?

As indicated, the ability to work flexibly is one of the most important reasons to buy a sit-stand desk. We offer adjustable desks with a minimum height of 70 cm and a maximum height of 130 cm!

Choose between electrically or manually operated sit stand desk

A choice that you will probably make quickly is whether you prefer an electric or crank-operated sit-stand desk. Sit-stand desks with a pendulum have a more affordable price. A sit-stand desk electric is more practical and less labour-intensive to use, but a sit-stand desk manually can be placed anywhere without the need for electricity. This is a consideration you need to make.

Maximum load capacity of one sit stand desk 

A very important point that you should definitely pay attention to when making your choice is the maximum load capacity of the electric sit-stand desk. Do you have a lot of stuff on your desk and do you work with multiple monitors, for example? Then it is certainly wise to look at the maximum load capacity of the sit-stand desk. If you choose a standing desk from an Offeco, this will not be an issue. The more stuff you want to store, the larger we recommend the desktop.

Benefits of using sit stand desk

Adopting a dynamic work posture offers many advantages that you may not think of at first. The bottom line is that the use of sit-stand desks will lead to fewer physical complaints. After all, the combination of sitting and standing work provides more variation in your working posture. So you are more active, which means that you can burn an extra 150 to 200 calories per day! So it's also good for the line! In addition, you will undoubtedly recognize that your mind can quickly wander if you are constantly working in one position. By using a sit-stand desk, you are therefore better able to focus on your work. you will therefore be much more productive and in that respect an investment in an agency will quickly pay for itself!

Sit stand desk buy electric cheap? Don't make it too difficult for yourself!

With more and more sedentary professions, it is not a strange development that more and more sitting standing desks have appeared on the market. As you may know, sitting all day is very bad for your body and can cause thrombosis and other nasty diseases. Doctors say sitting is the new smoking. That is why it is important to regularly alternate between sitting and standing.