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Tips to work more productively

Over the past 2 years, people have been working from home more than ever. In many cases, people have moved from an everyday office to working entirely from home. This is slowly backtracking to hybrid working. We enjoy the great benefits of working from home: organize your own time, less travel costs, work comfortably in your pajamas and more freedom. There is also a disadvantage to this, because working from home causes many distractions, so you are more likely to postpone work.

We would like to help you with the tips below to make working from home even more productive!

Keep your workplace and leisure space apart

The same space to work and chill is not good for productivity when working from home.

It is of course very nice to netflix when it is not busy, but that does not benefit productivity.

When you confuse private life and working at home, it becomes very difficult to pick up the thread again.

We recommend that you work in clear time slots.

We have collected the 5 biggest distractions when working from home for you:

  • The television
  • Chores in and around the house
  • Groceries
  • Home workout
  • Get drinks

If you have the space, set up a separate room as a workplace. That's better than working at the dinner table. A good investment in an ergonomic home workplace prevents future complaints.

Put on the same as you would go to the office

Almost everyone who has to go to work has a morning routine, but what if you work from home and you don't have to go to work right now?

It can be very tempting to stay in your pajamas all day long, drink coffee and have a nice quiet breakfast, but that's not good for your mind.

Set the alarm clock on time and get dressed. Put on something you would wear to work.

It may not seem like a big deal, but it really makes a big difference to your mindset the rest of the day.

An investigation revealed the following:

  • Clothing is typical and largely determines how you feel and how you see yourself
  • The more time you spend on your appearance, the more motivated you are to take on it. 
  • Separate work and leisure time by changing after work. 

Tip: create a morning routine so you don't have to jump out of bed right away from your computer.

Invest in ergonomic office furniture

You spend most of the day at your computer without interruption, which is why it is important to invest in an ergonomic workplace. A poor workplace is not only bad for productivity, but can also affect health.

We recommend an ergonomic office chair with a sit-stand desk. It is good for blood flow to stand every now and then. If you now think there are so many office chairs, how should I choose? We have created a tool “Which office chair suits me” and here you can use a few short questions to see which ergonomic office chairs suit you.

Advantages of ergonomic furniture:

  • Ergonomic furniture improves productivity. Our ergonomic workplaces increase productivity by up to 25%. By setting up your workplace in such a way that your body adopts the correct posture and the workplace is well-organized, you ensure that you can work more efficiently, but above all healthier.
  • Ergonomic furniture ensures that you work more productively. If your workplace is not ergonomically set up properly, you will get tired more quickly, which will prevent you from working optimally.

What does a fully ergonomic home workplace consist of?

Tip: Take a look at Ergonomic office furniture

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