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Advantages and disadvantages of second-hand sit-stand desks

A sit-stand desk is the perfect solution for people who have to work behind a desk for a longer period of time. These desks are designed to allow alternating between standing and sitting work, which can promote health and productivity. However, it can be quite expensive to buy a new sit-stand desk. That is why it is a good idea to consider buying a second-hand sit-stand desk. In this blog we discuss the pros and cons of buying second-hand sit-stand desks and what you should pay attention to when purchasing them.

Advantages of buying second-hand sit-stand desks

The biggest advantage of buying a used sit-stand desk is the price. A new sit-stand desk can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars, depending on the brand and quality of the desk. However, a second-hand desk can be significantly less expensive and can still be in good condition.

Another advantage of buying a second-hand sit-stand desk is that it is durable. By buying a used desk, you give it a second life and reduce the demand for new desks. This saves natural resources and produces less waste.

What should you pay attention to when buying second-hand sit-stand desks?

When buying a second-hand sit-stand desk, there are a few things to consider.

Condition of the desk

First of all, it is important to check the condition of the desk. Look for any damage, scratches, dents or other signs of wear. Also check whether all parts are still functioning properly and whether the desk is stable in both the standing and sitting position. If the desk has a pendulum mechanism, check that the pendulum swings smoothly.


A second-hand sit-stand desk must still be adjustable. Check whether the desk is adjustable in height and whether the adjustment is smooth. Also test whether the desk can be set high enough for your height and whether the sitting position is comfortable.


Although second-hand furniture is generally cheaper than new, it is still important to see if a warranty is offered on the desk. For example, some second-hand furniture stores offer warranties on their products. This can give you extra security and prevent you from having to incur unexpected costs if something turns out to be wrong with the agency.

Brand and quality

See which brand the agency is and research the quality of this brand. For example, look online for reviews of the brand and type of desk you're considering buying. A desk from a good brand can last longer and possibly offer better warranties than a desk from a lesser known brand.

Transport and assembly

Pay attention to how you are going to transport the desk and whether it is easy to assemble. For example, ask whether the seller can dismantle the desk before you pick it up, and whether it fits in your means of transport. Also check whether the desk is easy to assemble and whether any instructions or mounting material are included.

A new sit-stand desk can be more economical if:

  • You have specific requirements for the desk, such as dimensions, color, material or certain features that are not available in second-hand desks. In that case, a new desk may be the only option to meet your requirements.
  • You want a guarantee on the desk. A new desk usually comes with a warranty from the manufacturer, which covers you against any defects or problems that occur within the warranty period. There is usually no warranty with a used desk.
  • You want the desk to last. A new desk usually has a longer lifespan than a used one, especially if it is properly maintained. As a result, it may be more beneficial in the long run to invest in a new desk.

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A used sit-stand desk can be more economical if:

  • You have a limited budget. A used desk can be a cheaper option than a new one, especially if you're looking for a high-quality desk.
  • You have no specific requirements for the agency. If you are not very picky about the look or functions of the desk, a used desk can be a good option.
  • You want to relieve the environment. By buying a used desk you contribute to reducing waste and extending the life of the furniture.

In short, whether a new sit-stand desk is cheaper than a used desk depends on your personal preferences, requirements and budget. It is wise to consider both options and weigh the pros and cons before making a choice.

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