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What should you look out for in an office chair against back problems?

An ergonomic office chair with adjustable lumbar support for optimal support for back problems.

If you do a lot of sedentary work, you know how important it is to have a comfortable office chair. Especially if you suffer from back problems, an ergonomic office chair can make a world of difference. But what should you pay attention to when choosing an office chair against back problems?

Here's what you should pay attention to when choosing an office chair against back problems:

  1. Adjustability: A good one office must be adjustable in height, backrest, armrests and seat depth. This way you can adjust the chair to your body and prevent overloading your back.
  2. Support: An office chair should provide sufficient support for your back, especially the lower back. Therefore, choose a chair with adjustable lumbar support or a built-in curvature in the backrest. This ensures good posture and reduces pressure on your spine.
  3. Material: The material of the chair is also important. Choose a breathable fabric or mesh so that you do not sweat while sitting. You can also opt for a chair with a padded seat for extra comfort.
  4. Movement: An office chair must offer sufficient freedom of movement. Therefore choose a chair with wheels and a rotating seat. This way you can easily change position and prevent you from staying in the same position for too long.
  5. Price: A good office chair does not have to be expensive, but it is important to invest in a quality chair. Cheaper chairs are often less ergonomic and offer less support to your back. Therefore, choose a chair that fits within your budget, but that meets the above criteria.
This breathable mesh office chair reduces pressure on the spine and prevents back strain.


A good office chair for back problems must be adjustable, offer sufficient support, be made of breathable material, offer sufficient freedom of movement and fit within your budget. By paying attention to these factors you can make an ergonomic office find one that reduces your back pain and makes your working day more comfortable.

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