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Why a sit-stand desk is necessary for the ideal workplace

A sit-stand desk is necessary for an ideal workplace because it offers the possibility to alternate between sitting and standing during work. This keeps the body moving and reduces the risk of health problems that can occur with prolonged sitting, such as back pain, loss of concentration, obesity, cardiovascular disease, back problems and diabetes. It also improves productivity, as according to studies, alternating between sitting and standing improves performance by 20%.

What is a sit-stand desk?

A sit-stand desk is adjustable in height and reduces work-related complaints. The prices of electrically adjustable desks have come down in the last 2 years and technology has improved, making breakdowns rare. Our Basic sit-stand desk has a lowest price of €338 excl. VAT and is equipped with the latest techniques.

How does a sit-stand desk work?

With the control panel under the worktop, the sit-stand desk is easy to operate. The height can be adjusted between 62 and 130 cm, with an optimal standing height where the arms can rest on the table top at navel height. The standard Up/down control panel is sufficient, but a deluxe version is also available with a digital height indicator and the option to pre-program the height in four positions.

How do I choose a sit-stand desk that suits me?

To choose a sit-stand desk that suits you, you should take the following aspects into account:

  1. Size: Choose a desk that matches the size of your workspace and the size of your laptop or computer monitor.
  2. Adjustability: Check whether the desk is easily electrically or manually adjustable in height and whether the correct height for sitting and standing can be reached.
  3. Load capacity: Make sure the desk has a good load capacity for your supplies, such as computers, documents and other materials.
  4. Comfort: Choose a desk with a stable and comfortable base, smooth height adjustment and possibly an integrated control panel.
  5. Price: Consider your budget and find a sit-stand desk that falls within your price range and meets your requirements at the same time.
  6. Style: Choose a desk that matches your decor and style, as it will be a lasting asset to your workspace.