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Why ergonomic office chairs?

If you are looking for new office chairs for the office, you will come across many different types of office chairs. From basic office chairs, executive chairs to ergonomic office chairs. In this article we will explain why entrepreneurs nowadays choose more ergonomic office chairs.

The term ergonomics is used more and more in business today. Do you work behind a screen as an entrepreneur? Or do you have employees who work behind a screen? Then you have probably heard of working ergonomically. Ergonomic working means that you adopt the correct working posture while working. Ergonomics can be improved by choosing ergonomic furniture, based on an ergonomic chair and an adjustable desk. Ergonomic chairs are therefore definitely recommended in the office.

When designing your office, it is important to take ergonomics into account. It is important that everyone, including you, can adjust the workplace to suit an ergonomic working posture.

Everyone with a sedentary job suffers from back and neck problems. Sitting for many hours a day is not good for your spine. That can deteriorate even faster if you are not in an ergonomic office chair. An ergonomic office chair with a desk that can be adjusted in height ensures a healthy posture and prevents unpleasant complaints. A good workplace ensures productivity, which is highly recommended.

Steel case Leap V2 Aluminium

The designers of the Steelcase Leap chair spent more than four years researching how people sit. The result is the Leap chair's patented live-back technology, which allows the chair to dynamically adjust and mimic the movement of your spine. The seat of the Leap chair moves when you move, the back moves when your spine moves, even the arms follow your movements. The result is a chair that is amazingly comfortable. The Steelcase Leap chair also has an unusually large adjustment range, making it suitable for the widest range of people.

  • Including lumbar support and 4d arm pads, full option
  • gray upholstery, very good condition.
  • Professionally cleaned
  • 12 months warranty

Office chair AND

Sitting comfortably for a longer period of time is never a problem with Office chair EN. The synchronous mechanism with weight regulation, the comfort seat and 6 cm adjustment, the net-covered back and the height-adjustable, width- and depth-adjustable slanted armrests ensure comfort during a long period of sitting. This office chair is also equipped with a polished aluminum base with a chrome-plated gas lift and multifunctional wheels. Office chair EN has a standard 10-year warranty.

Office chair EN complies with (N)EN 1335. This standard indicates that the chair has a height-adjustable seat, a backrest of at least 22 cm high and a lumbar support surface, armrests with a length of at least 20 cm and a tilting mechanism at both the backrest and the seat. Office chairs that meet the (N)EN 1335 standard have the same comfort as an office chair with an NPR 1813 standard. However, office chairs with an (N)EN 1335 standard have a smaller range of adjustment options and are mainly suitable for people with a height between 151 and 192 centimeters.

RoomForTheNew Bureau Heathrow Slinger

No electricity nearby, but still want a sit-stand workplace? Then RoomForTheNew desk pendulum is the perfect solution. This stable basic sit-stand workplace is available from stock in various color combinations and many sizes, so it can be made suitable for any interior.

Roomforthenew Bureau Lobo

With the dimensions 120×80,140, 80,160×80,180, 80×200, 80×62 and 86xXNUMXcm, the Lobo-Bureau is a desk with many possibilities. The Lobo desks prove that an ergonomic desk with a beautiful design does not have to be expensive. The people who buy this desk are impressed by the stylish T-leg, which contributes to a beautiful spatial appearance due to its slim shape. These tables are our best-selling desks for a reason. These desks meet the Arbo guidelines and are manually adjustable from XNUMX-XNUMXcm. These desks are available in many color combinations.