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What does refurbish mean?

In addition to brand new products, we also sell refurbished office chairs.

There is a big difference between refurbished office chairs and used office chairs.
Refurbished means that parts of second-hand office chairs are replaced for new ones, so that you get a product that is as good as new, for a good price!

The office chair is refurbished when a used office chair has been reupholstered, powder coated or repaired.

With refurbished office chairs, they reupholster the chair. They remove the old fabric and replace it with a new one.

Powder coating means that a new coat of paint is applied to the base of the office chair.
We also repair the office chair by replacing parts that need replacement.

By applying these methods, the quality of the office chair is greatly improved and user traces are no longer visible.
Refurbished office chairs therefore consist of second-hand and new products.

An advantage of refurbished office chairs is that it contributes to a better environment and it ensures less waste and less use of new raw materials. It is much more sustainable option. A sustainable economy is all about maximizing reuse, which makes sustainable office chairs a good choice.
Refurbished office furniture is therefore increasingly common in the office or home workplace.

The Herman Miller is one of the refurbished office chairs that we offer. With these office chairs, the damaged parts have been replaced by the official parts. These Herman Miller office chairs are therefore in new condition and are also durable, ergonomic and guarantee comfort.

The Stealcase Leap is also available from us as a refurbished office chair. It has been the best tested office chairs on the market for years, and now also refurbished, so even better! The designers of this office chair have spent years researching how people sit and have designed an amazingly comfortable chair with many functions that give you the best possible sitting experience. The used chair has been completely refurbished, so that you are now sitting on an equally beautiful and good refurbished office chair.