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What is the difference between the Herman Miller Mirra 1 and Herman Miller Mirra 2?

In this article you will find an extensive comparison between the Mirra 1 and Mirra 2 chairs. We will first Herman Miller chairs explained separately and then compared.  

Herman Miller Mira 1

The Herman Miller Mirra 1 is a design chair with various adjustment options. The Herman Miller Mirra is relatively cheaper compared to the Herman Miller Aeron.

The Mirra chair provides an ergonomic sitting position that is comfortable at the same time. Many experts claim that the Mirra chair is better than the Aeron chair.  

The Mirra chair can be a lifesaver if you suffer from physical complaints. With the PostureFit Lumbar Support you sit very comfortably in an ergonomic position.

Benefits of Herman Miller Mirra 1

The Herman Miller Mirra 1 has many advantages, including many ergonomic settings and adjustments. 

  1. The Mirra chair has a high-quality design and gives a luxurious look to the office
  2. The Herman Miller Mirra 1 chair is available in one size range, but can be adjusted for different body sizes
  3. The price of the Herman Miller Mirra 1 is relatively cheap
  4. The Mirra 1 office chair gives you a very comfortable and soft sitting experience
  5. The Mirra chair has a mesh seat so that there is sufficient airflow
  6. The Mirra 1 chair has a Triflex backrest
  7. The chair supports and keeps your back in the correct position
  8. De PostureFit helps support your pelvis while sitting
  9. The armrests are well padded and you can adjust the height and angle of the armrests
  10. De zThe depth on the mirra 1 can also be adjusted by using the FlexFront
  11. The seat height is also adjustable, so you can adjust it perfectly to your height 
  12. The chair comes with a warranty period  

Cons of Herman Miller Mirra 1 

Of course this chair also has lesser points, we have listed these lesser points for you:

  1. The backrest is made of plastic, which makes the chair less comfortable for some people
  2. The back rest only stops in three positions
  3. The seat can move with the chair, which some people don't like

Herman Miller Mirra 2

The Herman Miller Mirra 2 is the updated model of the Mirra 1. The setting options and the appearance of the Mirra 2 are almost identical to those of the Mirra 1.

The difference is mainly in the details of the chair. The Mirra 2 has concealed the details on the chair just a little more beautifully and more streamlined.

Benefits of Herman Miller Mirra 2

  1. The Mirra 2 is well adjustable and offers great ergonomics
  2. The build quality is of high quality and is also durable 
  3. The Triflex back provides ample airflow and ergonomics
  4. The lumbar support can be adjusted
  5. The seat depth and seat height can be adjusted
  6. The armrests are adjustable in both height and width
  7. The mesh material on top of the plastic frame makes the chair very comfortable to sit in as it is soft and stretchy
  8. The backrest is very comfortable because it breathes well, is flexible and supports your body
  9. The Butterfly back comes with a fabric layer that provides comfort and support 
  10. The Herman Miller Mirra 2 office chair is made with 92% recyclable materials, and can then get a second life through our refurbish process

Cons of Herman Miller Mirra 2

  1. Shorter people may not find the armrest adjustment adequate
  2. The material of the Triflex backrest can feel hard to sit on
  3. The chair is more expensive than the Mirra 1

Comparison between Herman Miller Mirra 1 and Herman Miller Mirra 2

When it comes to ergonomic features, both seats have almost the same adjustment options. 

Both Mirra chairs are almost the same when it comes to lumbar support, lumbar adjustments, back function and tilt lock options.

If you place both Mirra chairs next to each other, you will hardly notice the difference. The difference that you will probably notice is that with Mirra 2 the details of the chair are better concealed and that the Mirra 2 is a bit more streamlined.

The choice between the Mirra 1 and Mirra 2 is mainly a financial choice, if you have a large budget then the choice often falls on the Mirra 2 and if you have a limited budget but still want to sit ergonomically on a Herman Miller chair then the Mirra 1 a good alternative.

The Mirra 1 chair has now been on the market for more than 10 years. Eventually, the Mirra 2 was also introduced.

While both chairs are made of recyclable materials, the Mirra 2 chair has a seat and back covered with an extra layer of fabric to make the plastic frame more comfortable. 

If you Herman Miller office chair you always get a high-quality chair that lasts a long time and has a timeless design.