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What is the difference between a used and refurbished Herman Miller office chair?

You would say refurbished and second hand Herman Miller chairs are the same, both are not new goods. However, refurbished Herman Miller chairs are different from second-hand Herman Miller chairs, because refurbished chairs have been checked and repaired.

refurbished office chairs are tested for quality and functionality during a strict check and parts are replaced or repaired where necessary. After this, the chair is thoroughly cleaned. By purchasing a refurbished Herman Miller you go for certainty and quality, because refurbished chairs always include a warranty. On the other hand, used Herman Miller chairs have no warranty and those chairs are more susceptible to defects.

What does the Herman Miller chair refurbish process look like?

  • Complete cleaning (mesh parts)
  • Metal parts are repainted
  • All plastic parts are polished for a deep new colour
  • The gas spring is re-oiled or, if necessary, replaced for a new gas spring
  • New foam is placed in the seat
  • New armrests

By going through all the refurbish steps, we turn a used chair into a Herman Miller chair that is as good as new.

Advantages refurbished Herman Miller seats:

  • The price of refurbished Herman Miller chairs is often half that of new ones
  • refurbished Herman Miller chairs are not thrown away, but reused, which contributes to a circular economy
  • refurbished Herman Miller chairs include a warranty, so you buy certainty
  • You can return the product and get the purchase price back

Disadvantages refurbished Herman Miller chairs

  • The warranty is shorter than new
  • Configuration is not possible

Questions and answers refurbished Herman Miller seats:

  • Do business customers also have a warranty on refurbished Herman Miller chairs?

Yes, every customer who buys a refurbished Herman Miller chair from us receives a 5-year warranty.

  • Are refurbished office chairs suitable for offices?

Yes, because we have completely refurbished the seats, the seats are as good as new again. This extends the life cycle of the chairs by years.

  • Refurbished as good as new

The purpose of refurbishing is to make used chairs as good as new.

Why are refurbished Herman Miller office chairs circular?

These chairs are not thrown away but are reused. The goal of circularity is a world without waste.

When we buy a broken Herman Miller chair, it is sometimes impossible to refurbish it into a chair that is as good as new. When that is the case, we select the parts that are usable and we process the other materials. We therefore do not see other materials as waste, but as building blocks for new products.

Why is circularity important?

Unfortunately, the raw materials that our earth can supply are not infinite. If we (re)use these raw materials in a smarter way, the earth will be exhausted less quickly. Circularity therefore ensures sustainability and a healthier environment. By closing cycles of goods, less waste is produced and that is important for preserving the planet we all live on.

In 2030, the Dutch state wants to halve the use of primary raw materials. It is therefore important that both the business community and private individuals think about sustainable solutions and circularity. You therefore also help enormously by not buying new but refurbished. Circular products are a solution to achieve sustainable goals.

Circular economy

The aim of the circular economy is that waste does not exist. After use, each product forms raw materials for new products. By participating in the circular economy as a company, you focus on preserving the value of raw materials, parts and products.

What do our customers think of refurbished office chairs?

“Ordered a refurbished Henri Miller Mirra 2 full option from Offeco on Wednesday, delivered on Friday. The chair looks and feels like new, you can not see any signs of use, great work !!!! Highly recommended."

“I thought I had bought a second-hand chair, but that chair was really soooo good as new, I am super happy with it.”

“Chair looks almost new and for a very competitive price!”


refurbished office furniture are better for the environment and as good as new. What are you waiting for?