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What are the differences between NPR 1813 and (N)EN 1335 office chairs?

When you want to buy an office chair in the future, there are several points that you should take into account. One of those points are the different standards that an office chair can meet. The most common standards are NPR 1813 and (N)EN 1335.

(N)EN 1335

EN1335 stands for the European standard. This means that the office chair must meet the requirements imposed by Europe. In the Dutch market you regularly come across office chairs that comply with the (N)EN 1335. (N) stands for the Dutch standard and those office chairs therefore also meet the minimum requirements that the Netherlands has imposed on seating furniture. Office chairs that meet this standard are suitable for people with a height between 150 and 192 cm. (N)EN 1335 chairs are also called Arbo office chairs, because they comply with labor laws and regulations.

NPR 1813

NPR or Dutch Practice Guideline is a standard that supplements the (N)EN 1335. The NPR 1813 standard sets additional requirements for an office chair. The aim of the standard is to enable people to work while sitting in a good and responsible manner. NPR 1813 office chairs are also occupational health and safety approved office chairs. Office chairs that meet this standard are suitable for people with a height of approximately 200/205 cm.  

Difference (N)EN 1335 and NPR 1813

The two biggest differences are that NPR 1813 office chairs have more adjustment options than (N)EN 1335 office chairs and the NPR 1813 office chairs are suitable for the majority of the population, including people taller than 200 cm.


Do you sit for more than 8 hours a day? Then we recommend an NPR office chair, because they generally have more adjustment options. If that is not the case, we recommend our (N)EN 1335 office chairs.