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What does Sit Stand Desk Nen 527 mean?

Sit-stand desk that meets the NEN 527 standard for safety and stability during use as a sitting or standing workplace.

Sit-stand desks have become increasingly popular in recent years due to the benefits they offer to the health and comfort of users. An important standard for these agencies is NEN 527, which describes specific requirements and test methods for these agencies.

Standard security and stability

De NEN 527 is a Dutch standard that relates to the safety and stability of furniture, including sit-stand desks. This standard describes the requirements for the construction of these desks to ensure safety and stability, and to prevent them from falling over or tipping over during use.

What do the requirements entail?

This standard specifies, among other things, the minimum height and width of the desk, the maximum load that the desk can bear, the minimum distance between the legs and the maximum deviation of the desk when force is applied. The standard also describes how the stability of the desk should be tested.

Sit-stand desk with NEN 527 certification for guaranteed stability and safety during use in a standing and sitting position.

Pay attention to the standard

If you are looking for a sit-stand desk that meets the NEN 527 standard, it is important to look for desks that have been specifically designed and tested according to this standard. All our sit-stand desks comply with NEN 527.


The NEN 527 is an important standard that describes how sit stand desks must be designed and tested to ensure safety and stability. If you are looking for a sit-stand desk, it is important to check that it meets this standard to ensure safe and comfortable use.

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