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Sit stand desks #6

Is a sit-stand desk electric worth the money? Simply put yes! A sit-stand desk is not just a desk, but an investment in your health. Due to its easy adjustment option, you can set the correct height while working while sitting and you can alternate with working standing up, which in turn is good for blood circulation.

What are the benefits of sit-stand desks?

  • Higher productivity
  • Better blood flow
  • Reduction of shoulder, back and neck complaints
  • Stimulates health
  • Burns calories

4 tips for using a sit-stand desk electric

  1. Vary your body position throughout the day. Don't stand or sit all day, but make sure you develop a pattern.
  2. Make sure that your desk is not too low, you will then adopt the wrong posture and this will still cause complaints. You adjust the desk to the height of the elbow.
  3. Alternate with an ergonomic office chair with preferably an (N)EN1335 or NPR 1813 standard.
  4. Use cable management that can move with the sit-stand desk.

How can a sit-stand desk differ?

A sit-stand desk can have one or two motors and the maximum height can differ per sit-stand desk. For the rest, the biggest differences are the design.

What does EN-527 mean.

The EN-527 stands for the safety, strength and durability requirements for desks and work tables where office-related and screen work is performed. In addition to the requirements, this standard also provides recommendations for the minimum height adjustment options of the desk in question.